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His Embrace

He comes to me, eyes brimming

with gentle compassion and love.

His arms, clothed in Holy Robes,

surround me and pull me close.

Held in this Sacred Cocoon…

I see Wounds of Love in His hands,

I hear His steady heartbeat of Eternal Life,

I smell the scent of Warm Sunshine

and I feel the vibration of His strong yet soothing Voice

calming the storm in my soul.

Turbulent waters of fear and doubt, churning within me,

become still as He strokes my hair like a Father

comforting His little girl and telling me that…

I’m safe with Him and no danger will touch me.

My breathing slows, tears dry - I am filled with His Peace.

Resting in His embrace, I hear Him sing over me…

a lullaby of infinite love and promised protection.

Knowing He will never leave me or forsake me,

I simply rest…in His caring embrace.

~ Melina Garcia (2022)

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